Update on Improvements

In 2016 we focused on replacing the broken and sinking portions of the deck, replacing the drains, and securing the fence around the deck. Our contractor did a great job and now the deck is free of stubbed toes and crumbling concrete. We also addressed improper drainage and pooling water on the pool deck. This was just the beginning.

This year, we are constructing a retaining wall on the west end of the pool (behind the diving board). This improvement will have two big impacts on our pool. First, we will eliminate forever the runoff from the earth berm onto the property of our neighbors at Inman Motor Works. Second, we will gain about 8 additional feet of deck space in what has been a fairly tight portion of the deck.

And the walls came tumbling down. View of the west end of the pool from our shared alley with Inman Walk.

The work is underway. All timed to complete the project well before opening day on May 1. We will also take this opportunity to make other minor repairs on the deck itself.

Finally, we are making some minor improvements in the bathrooms (again). While we would like to give our bathroom/ change rooms a complete overhaul, that’s not in the budget this year.

These improvements are made possible by the special assessment this year. It is a good investment in the future of the pool. We also owe thanks to our neighbors. Inman Motor Works has agreed to share a portion of the cost of the retaining wall and Inman Walk HOA has been graciously patient with our construction that encroaches in our shared alley.

-The Board